Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader

Check vehicle tyres in less than 20 seconds

Commercial fleets face a series of cost challenges when it comes to maintaining vehicles :

  • Downtime
  • Fuel Consumption and CO2 Emissions
  • Tyre performance
  • Vehicles repairs
  • Driver Retention
  • Customer satisfaction
Full tyre diagnostic in seconds

How it works ?


Ground-mounted sensor scanning the tyre and vehicle parameters in seconds when you drive over it.


Tyre pressure, remaining tread depth, axle load and total weight are displayed in seconds.


Fast and user friendly reports for proactive monitoring of your fleet. Take active control of your tyres condition.

With Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader you reduce :

  • The number of tyre-related breakdowns and incidents
  • Fuel consumption due to under inflated tyres
  • Frequency of tyre renewal
  • Tyre maintenance costs
  • Human errors in manual measuring
  • Financial penalties incurred for overload and late deliveries