Why Goodyear Proactive Solutions ?

Connected fleets: drive smart and save!

Freight transportation services are a key link in the value chain of a company or brand. Customer satisfaction has therefore become a leading competitive advantage for transport companies. On-time delivery is a must! This means avoiding breakdowns, minimising vehicle immobilisation times and preventing accident risks.

Being competitive on this market also means being cost effective. Tyre lifespan, fuel consumption, less maintenance jobs, eco-driving training for drivers... all ways of being cost effective.

At Goodyear, we firmly believe that to alleviate the pressure felt by transport companies, they need support to better manage tyre life cycles, maintenance and driving behaviour.

Our answer is connected fleets with Goodyear Proactive Solutions!

With over a century of expertise and R&D, we provide transport companies with unique predictive technology for fleet management, helping them to improve performance and reduce operating costs.

Continuous collection and analysis of vehicle data helps to anticipate at-risk situations and implement real preventative maintenance. Goodyear Proactive Solutions also offer a wide range of services to optimise vehicle fleet management such as preventative technical maintenance, flow optimisation, driver training and more...

Unique predictive technology:

Smart solution for fleet management

  • Real time fleet monitoring dashboard
  • Notification and alert system to prevent incident risks or hazardous situations


  • "Goodyear Proactive Solutions are a very easy-to-use service and are really very efficient. Thanks to Goodyear's smart algorithm, we are able to prevent at-risk situations and have optimised our maintenance and rationalised costs. It makes all the difference." Francesco Angiuli, Director of the Transportation Department at SOA