Driver Behavior Solution

Analyse driving behaviour and provide drivers with eco-driving training

Why choose Driver Behavior Solution?

  • Continuously collect data on 12 driving parameters
  • Get in-depth, personalised driving reports for each driver
  • Offer personalised training for each driver to improve performance and help acquire safety reflexes


Let us take care of your driver training for better performance and safety!

Save up to €300 in fuel per month / per lorry *
* for a vehicle travelling 6,200 miles per month = 10% less fuel consumption. Based on the following hypotheses: a) Average travel of 6,200 miles per month, b) Average fuel consumption of 30 litres per 62 miles, c) Fuel price of €1 per litre excl. VAT, d) Average fuel consumption savings up to 10%. Results can depend on several conditions such as driving style, vehicle purpose, driving and road conditions, tarmac conditions and proper tyre maintenance.

What changes for you with Driver Behavior Solution

You reduce:

  • tyre maintenance due to at-risk driving behaviour
  • overconsumption of fuel due to certain types of driving behaviour
  • frequency of tyre renewal due to driving behaviour which reduces tyre lifespan / mileage
  • the CO2 emissions of your vehicles

You instantly save on:

  • maintenance and breakdown costs caused by non eco-driving behaviour
  • extra tyre replacement costs

You sustainably improve:

  • driver training
  • your reputation as a transport company by improving driver comfort and road safety
  • your environmental footprint


  • "It's the first time we are using a solution to avoid punctures and subsequent vehicle immobilisation. It has meant real financial gains for us. Before, the condition of our tyres had a considerable impact on our operating costs. With Goodyear Proactive Solutions, we make significant savings by preventing tyre-related incidents. The solution also helps us to use less fuel. It really is a win-win situation for us!" Lüder Meyer, Fleet Manager, Günter Badenhop Fleischwerke KG
  • "We chose to use Goodyear Proactive Solutions technology to meet the safety challenge faced by our business. It was the German group Hoyer, highly satisfied with the solution, who recommended we use it too. As a transporter of hazardous products, we needed daily support with a real time monitoring tool for both tyre pressure and temperature. We now receive very precise and targeted alerts which help us to take immediate action in case of danger." Costanza Agrippo, Material and Quality Manager at La Cinque Biotrans

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